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Dear friends of Children’s Choir „Dobri Hristov“! We give you as a present our sincere, joyful and cordial greetings for the upcoming holidays! We will move virtually to the Concert Hall to recall the emotion and magic of singing together! From the bottom of our hearts we wish you a Merry Christmas! ❄️🎄 Be healthy – you and your families, believe in the good and never stop smiling! ♥ ️We are looking forward to our next meetings, in which the music will unite us once again! 🎶 ♥🎶 We are waiting for you on the YouTube channel of Children’s Choir „Dobri Hristov“!



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Welcome to a traditional concert – matinee of the ensemble Simfonieta and Children’s choir Dobri Hristov!

We are expecting you on Octomber 04 /sunday/ at 11.00 a.m. in the City Art Gallery B. Georgiev – Varna!

Upcoming participations of DOBRI HRISTOV CHILDREN’S CHOIR

It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you to the first concert of children’s choir „Dobri Hristov for the 67th creative season of the choir which is going to be the start of series of creative meetings with you – our amazing audience.
You will have the opportunity to enjoy the „sound colours “ of a diverse, artistically presented program by the preliminary and concert choirs.
We are very thankful to the University of Economics – Varna for providing us with the „AULA“ Hall.
We are looking forward to seeing you on 16. 11. 2019 /Saturday/ at 18.00.
We will perform conducted by Galina Stanisheva. Piano accompaniment – Bilyana Eneva.

Children’s Choir „Dobri Hristov“ finishes its 66-th creative season extremely successful.

The choir received a great recognition for their work – the prize of the “Yordan Kamzhalov” Foundation for best performance of the XI Festivals of Women’s and Girls’ Choirs „Prof. Lilia Giuleva”- Targovishte. The choir was awarded with an original sculpture /Sava Stoimenov/ of the emblem of the festival, made by the artist Tsoncho Denev, as well as a diploma from the Bulgarian Choral Union.

„This is a great honor and responsibility for us! Every success requires the „climb“ to continue with double strength! „, said Galina Stanisheva, conductor of Children’s Choir “Dobri Hristov”.

High – level choirs performed on the stage in atmosphere of festivity and friendship:Children’s Choir „Danube Waves“ – conductor Vesela Todorova, Rousse, Women’s choir „Golden Lyre“ – conductor Iliyana Ivanova, Targovishte, „Carmen Argessi“ Choir – conductor Cornelia Ionescu, Pitesti, Romania, Women’s Choir “Trimontium“- conductor Vanya Atanasova, Plovdiv, Vocal Ensemble „Fortissimo”- conductor Milena Dobreva , Burgas.

We would like to express our gratitude for the highly appreciated performance of the Children’s Choir „Dobri Hristov“ to all guests of the festival, to the conductors – Mrs. Tanya Nikleva – Vladeva, Mrs. Maya Vassileva, Mrs. Milka Toledova, Dr. Yozdjan Smez, Mr. Tsenko Minkin, Mrs. Denitsa Uzunova and to the enthusiastic audience!

We are grateful to the artistic director and conductor of the ‘’Golden Lyre’’ Choir Iliyana Ivanova – the engine of the festival, for the dedication and professionalism with which she is raising the level of the festival even more, as well as for the love and care with which she donates every participant in this musical celebration! United by the power of music, let’s say „On many years“ and till new meetings.

Children’s Choir „Dobri Hristov“ celebrated its 66th season with an emotional concert. With an extremely emotional concert Children’s Choir „Dobri Hristov“ put a symbolic end to its 66th season. Very happy and smiling faces, sometimes tears of joy and maybe a little sadness was seen by the audience in the hall of the Varna City Art Gallery. The creative year, full of engagements, was marked by festivals in the country and abroad, being guest of different choirs from foreign countries and a concert with one of the first mixed choirs in the United States, the Hanover College’s concert choir from Indiana took its place. For five of the graduates, each of them being between 13 and 15 years in the group of young Varna’s singers, this was the last participation. From now on Rosena Emilova, Ivana Mihaylova, Hristi Dragomirova, Alexandra Dimova and Julieta Bachvarova will follow their own road of life, getting to know the broad world. Somewhere! And although choral singing or singing in general may not be a part of their professional career, the music and the years spent in one of the best children choirs in Bulgaria will have a special place in their hearts as well as the words of the conductor Galina Stanisheva, which they love to remember – „I am here to give you wings. It is up to you to decide how wide you will spread them and how high you will reach!”. For Nikolay Kapitanov, whose son Alec is a part of the children’s formation, this concert particularly is „Something Unbelievable. Something very beautiful against the background of everyday’s little problems we all face. Something we’ll remember for a long time. “ „After this concert, I can say bravely that with a conductor like Galina Stanisheva and a pianist like Bilyana Eneva, the children have already grown up to another musical“ league „. You cannot imagine the amazing feeling of hearing the voices of more than 70 children singing in such a harmony unless you hear them live.“
„Besides the pride that our children have been selected among all their coevals in Varna, besides the joy that the choir is an official representative of our town all over the country and in Europe, this children’s choir also bears a sense of community and even of a family,“ says Milena Pehlivanova – the mother of the 16-years-old Christina, who is part of the concert choir. „It is impossible not to mention the great number of concerts, festivals and tours in Bulgaria and abroad. It is impossible not to mention the creative camps where children explore the Bulgarian beautiful mountains and other joint activities. All this creates an atmosphere of respect, trust and love.These girls and boys, besides being singers of extraordinary level – their repertoire consists of beautiful but rather complicated works, are almost finished artists and talents and beyond the music, but also in creative writing, dancing, etc. „, explains Pehlivanova.“I have never doubted the benefits of choir singing. I know that for many, this is something too abstract in the face of our everyday small and not so small problems. Today, however, I am proud that my son is a part of exactly this choir. „added Nikolay Kapitanov. The next participation of the young singers is on 14th and 15th of June in Targovishte at the upcoming XI “Professor Lilia Gyuleva” Women’s and Girls’ Choirs holidays.









Children’s Choir „Dobri Hristov“ – Varna, Bulgaria is delighted to present their annual Christmas concert featuring popular and traditional Christmas carols. The audience may enjoy the songs sang by Children’s and Concert choir in Barna City Art Gallery „Boris Georgiev“ at 6pm on 10th December 2017(Sunday).

Children’s Choir „Dobri Hristov“ together with Children and Youth Choir „Dunavski valni“ – Ruse, Bulgaria will present their repertoar, full with Christmas joy and happiness, at 6pm in hall „Europe“, Ruse, on 16th December 2017.